Uk Psychedelic rockers Deepshade recently released their latest third EP, Gloaming. Formed in Wigan, England in 2013, the trio combine desert rock with progressive elements and heavy rock to create a diverse and promising release. Deepshade has gradually built an ardent fan base across their northern quarters. Receiving much-coveted airplay on Kerrang! Planet Rock and Total Rock, This five-track EP marks "a more experimental approach to our catchy, heavy sound", according to lead singer/guitarist David Rybka.

The opening track 'Eat My Dust' offers listeners an insight into this claim. A stoner rock track with an edgy, distorted riff. The band's catchy chorus and solid guitar work kick things off like a desert storm ready to sweep one away. The tight drumming and infectious tunes are capped off with a sax outro that sounds like a jam session.
Next up is the equally hazy 'Mountain', a nine-minute track with psychedelic melodies and synth/sax elements added to the urgency of the crunchy guitars. Lead vocalist David Rybka's vocals are soft and hypnotic. The pop elements add a sense of nebulous wonder.

Deepshade produces an expansive album that mixes distinctive styles through strong songwriting, relatable lyrics, and hook-laden riffs. The band have gone all out to appeal to the listener's senses the seven-minute 'Life is Beauty' is one of the singles the blog has previously covered. The south Asian influences are mixed with punchy beats and continue with the album's diverse approach. The song follows an unexpected turn towards the end with a menacing breakdown that juxtaposes with those South Asian influences.

'The Wolf' is instantly my standout track with the closest to the heaviest track on the EP. The mid-tempo rhythm does not skip a beat against the backdrop of a thunderous riff, pounding drums and entrancing vocals.

And finally, the progressive 'Gloaming' is the second-longest track on the Ep, clocking in at over eight minutes. The band combine some beautiful melodies with the saxophone making one final hurrah. Deepshade knows how to typically create atmospheric tracks that powerfully build to a climax. They make use of their guitar pedal effects to accurately reflect those stoner influences.

Words by Anselm Anderson

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